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  • Chapter 1 -- Introduction
  • An Overview of the Operating Systems
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  • Chapter 2 -- Basic Structure of a WDM Driver
  • Device and Driver Layering
  • The DriverEntry Routine
  • The AddDevice Routine
  • Chapter 2 -- Windows 98 Compatibility Notes
  • Chapter 3 -- Basic Programming Techniques
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    About This Electronic Book

    This electronic book was originally created—and still may be purchased—as a print book. For simplicity, the electronic version of this book has been modified as little as possible from its original form. For instance, there may be occasional references to sample files that come with the book. These files are available with the print version, but are not provided in this electronic edition.

    “Expanding” Graphics

    Many of the graphics shown in this book are quite large. To improve the readability of the book, reduced versions of these graphics are shown in the text. To see a full-size version, click on the reduced graphic.

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